Hey, Kids!

Fun With Poetry #1: Graffiti Pomes (part 1)

because who really owns that light post?

Basic Wheat Paste
heat two cups of water on the stove until just about to boil.  stir in one cup flour and continue stirring until mixture becomes thick and pasty.  let cool.  use just like regular paste,  spreading it across a wall and placing your image/poem/death threat on top of it with a paint brush. you can add another coat on top and around the corners of the paper to keep it down. Be sure to refridgerate to avoid mold. Use waterproofing spray to keep your image from fading in the rain.

Activity #1:  wheat paste a page from your notebook onto a streetlight.  shed your ego and your fear and expose your entrails anon in the public square.

Activity #2: print out a poem by you or by someone you admire and paste it up. At the bottom of this page are some poems you can put up.

Activity #3: Fill in the Captions in the picture below and paste it to a wall!
or send it to elephantzine@gmail.com