Elephant Volume 1: Elephants

The Premier Issue of Elephant was created by Helen Kiernan and Peter Skvara in 2007 and featured poetry by students from Columbia College Chicago.  Copies were distributed for free on the streets of Chicago. 

Featuring work by:  Carl Aagesen, Philsy Denofrio, Stephen Dvorak, Rey Escobar, Rachel Finkelstein, Ike Floor, Rachele Eve Guastella, Glen, Alia Hussain, Jen NW, HK, Mike Lachney, Bubba Oelitz, OEM, PX6, Jess Rose, Alex Schmidt, Pete Skvara, Stitchmouth, & Raul Trevino.
Special Thanks to:  Ana, Andy, Becca, & Faith.

Below are some sample pages: