Fun With Poetry! : Cut & Paste

for this activity you will need:


         tape or glue stick

         adult supervision

    a book you want to destroy or a copy of a page of a book you don't want to destroy (you can also use newspapers, magazines, warning labels, etc).

   methamphetamines, crushed and cut into lines

           a $20 bill


using the scissors, cut out words or phrases from the page.  mix them up in a bowl or plastic bag.  next roll up the $20 bill and place it at the end of the first line. snort the line up into your nasal cavaity.  now, take the words that you have cut up and glue them onto a piece of paper.  for extra fun, use former president Ronald Reagan's face as a background. mail them to elephantzine (we don't have a mailing address yet, so just stick it in the second to last window of the abandoned warehouse on 52nd street, or scan them and send them to Be cool like Thom Yorke & William Burroughs. w00t-w00t!