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the Notebook

notebook page version

*please note: paper version varies from the online one. some versions may be in the wrong order. you want it done right, do it your damn self. seriously- you can print the pages off the site, staple em together, decide yr own order.

elephants is: Helen Kiernan, Joe "oem" Bly, Jess Rose, Stephen Dvorak, Nicholas "Glen" Souder, Catch Henson, Daniela Olszewska.

art, poems, & pages by: Riley Crane, Evan Crown, Andy Kosewski, Rob Pikac, Jen NW, Faith Rice, Zach Green, Alex Bonner, Alex Schmidt, Sean Dude, Alice Kiernan, Philsy Denofrio, Beatriz Ruiz, & elephants.

Cover by: Glen. 
page (1) Evan Crown (thief) Catch (fuck yeah!), Ike Floor (bringing you)
page (2) Daniela Olszewska
(3-4)  Joe Bly
(5) Ike(bringing you), Glen (elephant), Catch, Riley Crane (art)
(6) Carl Aagesen (&Katie)
(7) Andy Koszewski
(8) Beatriz Ruiz
(9) Rob Piskac (take the eggs home!)
(10) Jen NW (receipt poem), Sean (ready to leave), Riley Crane (o yeah!, <3), HK, Jess, Joe
(11) Alex Schmidt
(12-13) Riley(rocket), HK (good grief), Jess Rose; Alex Bonner, Jess, & Joe collab poem
(14) Ike (lesbian enclave), Riley, Carl (collage: Joe)
(15) Jess Rose
(16) Faith Rice (poem), Riley (lil alien dude, of course!)
(17) Alex Bonner (disney empire)
(18-19) Pete Skvara (skitso), HK(evidence), Riley; Philsy Denofrio (sonnet), Riley (bones).
(20) Glen (features)
(21) Jen NW (priority)
(22) Zach Green (vagrant), Riley Crane (begger), Stitchmouth, Jess Rose
(23) Stephen James Dvorak (magnet), art by Joe
(24-25) Jess Rose (and you) wheatpastes; Carl Aagesen (magickally real)
(26) Peter Skvara(round the clock), Evan Crown (teepee), Riley Crane (alien), HK (signs)
Back Cover:  Elephants Staff (HK, Jess Rose, Joe, Catch, Carl, Ike, Glen) and Riley Crane. Collages by HK, Jess, & Joe.