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Poetree Graffitti (Wheat Paste)
         Cut & Paste

         Exqusite Corpse

Activity Of The NowTimes: Ride the SOC

the SOC is the mad acid highway of jumbled brain wires in yr skull. Stream of Consciousness writing, also called freewriting, taps into your subconscious by beating and drugging your internal editor and shoving him (he is definitely a him, as in The Man, Getting You Down), gagged and ducttaped, into the closet, where he'll probably beat off in exstacy. now I'm no refined, pedigreed, medal-bedecked literary giant, just a dirty, starving word junky; but this is a great way to get a fix as well as a fucking amazing high. it's also something a lot of the legends exercised. and it's fun to do when yr board (that is not a spelling error, i meant to say when one is being a board, for commercial porpoises).

rules for free-writing (bone-based)

(1) keep yr hand/fingers moving. do not stop, pause, hesitate for any reason, least of all to think.

(2) if you fuck up, leave it and keep moving. no editors allowed in this groovy clubhouse.

(3) set a time limit or page limit, and force yourself to keep going to that point, even drains all the juice from you.

2min example:  flies buzzin in my skull like maggot carrots no bananads ment oranges are you there god its me jebus sht the fuck up that was dumb good doog is on cable! cobble gobble cant type clowns no no no no fuck fuck fuckity fuckt man dont let the kids see this i got to shit thw time is it early as hell in the morning and space balls bedazzle my eggs badman.  shit shit sit on the cloud above the one above the nine and spin sun sit and drink too sevens daddy didnt count the startcases again agin gin what is going on in my exploding brain batterns like crazy jakel poker chips maguiver manuever my leftwase clitsun on backwards day.  make cake for disguises.  i mean meat is good there is so much gd meat in freeze i gonna hart attack it is hard to say z on compy wit broken bowels oh god the time is come we are done here for now and that was a freewrite.
more examples here.